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What's With The Name?

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

I wanted to use a pen name. So, I looked at using a name from my ancestry. Part of my family hails from the first immigrant Eastmans (as in Eastman Kodak, although that is not my direct branch), and another branch came from Ethan Allen (of the Vermont Green Mountain Boys), and another branch was very Welsh, but I know less about their ancestry, except that I recall a few Welsh words my grandmother taught me. These people had their own fame and legacy.

I decided I wanted a name for myself. So, I meditated on it. I think my mother visited me during the meditation. I saw my future book cover, and J. Daneway was the name on it. After meditating, I looked up Daneway, and lo and behold a park called Daneway Banks came up. I had never heard of this park, but, as it turns out, the park is known for a special kind of blue butterfly. Ants carry the butterfly larva to underground tunnels for winter, where the larva feed on the ants and emerge as blue butterflies in the spring. The synchronicities don't stop there. Somewhat close by this park there is a church with the same peculiar name as my grandfather, who was named for an obscure saint.

There you have it. Meant to be. I hope to visit the park someday.

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