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Warnings and Disclaimers

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

I did my best to portray specific characters with disabilities or medical conditions respectfully, but these portrayals are from my perspective and personal experiences, and I am an imperfect person. In advance, I apologize if my perspectives or portrayals are incongruous with your own or caused you negative feelings. I do not intend to encourage stigmatization or stereotyping by my portrayal of fictional characters.

Please do not enter private Native American lands without first contacting tribal leadership and obtaining permission. There is no through trail to Hopi as I described in the book. I made that up. Don't go running around looking for a trail that isn't there; you won't find enlightenment. The desert is harsh. People die out there. There is a through trail through Arizona called the Arizona Trail. You can explore maps for it here: . There are loops that hook up to this trail near the Utah border with Arizona. See these maps to the Hayduke Trail:

Don't eat wild plants unless you know what you're doing. I ate hemlock once when I was a kid, because I thought it was a wild carrot. Doh!

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