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Intuition or Prophecy?

I get things in dreams. Random snippets, words, phrases. Scenes from what I believe may be possible futures. I'm writing them down here, because I noticed sometimes my dreams come true or end up as hard to believe coincidences. Sometimes they don't come to pass, or they haven't come to pass yet, and I've given up on them every happening. I just want to write some of this down - so I can prove to unbelievers later that I called it! To be clear, I don't want any of this to happen. This is my little experiment. I've tried psychically guessing which card someones holding - and I got worse than average. So, I'm not psychic that way:-) I'm not going to get too into the events that did already happen, because there's no way for me to prove it. My husband and a few family and friends can vouch for me, though, because I told them before the events happened. I may have more posts like this as I remember some of the dreams I've had. Today is May 29, 2022 4:36 pm Pacific.

  1. Garden City's water will be poisoned. This dream I had years ago, and it hasn't happened yet. I don't know which Garden City, or how or why it was poisoned. I saw it on the news, in the dream. I can only speculate that it was a terrorist. I saw a green water reserve - like a water treatment pond - and a chain link fence.

  2. Romania will be invaded by the Russians - or at least my friend's Romanian family will flee the country because of the Russians. I saw this in a dream. This one I had recently. I had previously (like 2008?) had a premonition about Russian speaking invaders invading an Eastern European country and killing the town's leader and his children. The invaders slit the childrens' throats in front of their parents. In my dream, I heard, "This is the beginning of the war." I had that one years ago and told some friends and my husband. I think this is what we are witnessing now in Ukraine.

  3. Debt Markets Collapse. This I had about a year ago. I posted it in a forum, so I have proof. I thought this one would already have happened, but I don't think it has yet, even though the bond market did kind of crash already - something else happens too. In the dream I saw those words, "Debt Markets Crash," as a news headline on my phone. I was waiting at a bus stop and people were still wearing masks (that part helps date when it will happen). Under that headline, I saw another headline and purple outline images of the Queen, kind of like you might see on a bank-note, but it's not a note I can find out there yet. So, maybe it's after they issue a new note to commemorate something?

  4. Drones escorting commercial aircraft. I saw this around the same time as the above -in a dream.

  5. My husband and I will be forced from our home and required to live in an office building and work in a factory (I think they are making refrigerators or something). In the dream, he's not very happy about it, and I'm trying to cheer him up. We have our dog with us. Our dog is currently 13 yo - so that helps date that one - he'll live another three years with luck. I had this dream before the pandemic.

  6. I recently posted in a forum that I heard the word "nimble" multiple times in a dream state. It meant something. Within three days Fed Chair used the word. Last week I found a new arm of DARPA, ARPA-H, for biosecurity. In their FAQ documents they used the word nimble multiple times. I think this is not good - this one's a warning. I don't know what to make of it yet.

  7. I'm getting a lot about the housing market lately - in dreams and daydreaming. I think the homeless situation is going to get out of control and it will be related to this run-up in housing costs. I also dreamed there will be a kind of revolt/uprising where homeless light a bunch of houses/cities on fire. This one has me very disturbed and sad. I plan to write a book about it, so if it does come true, I'm writing it down here for posterity. I probably won't be finished with the book before it happens. I think we're about to enter a Grapes of Wrath scenario, only worse.

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