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Bob Sherman's Appendix A

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

This appendix was referenced in the book. This list is purely fictional. Bob Sherman is an imaginary character, and I made these studies up. I did send someone an email like the one referenced in the book, and they did respond that they wouldn't tell me, or couldn't tell me, but I honestly can't remember who I contacted.

I would like to see the results of these studies, though. As you can see, studying the genes involved in various diseases or conditions, is a rabbit hole. I have been known to quest for answers, reading journal articles for days or months on end. The result has been an increase in knowledge but few answers. My best guess about many issues (e.g. autism or connective tissue disorders) is that they result from interrupted neuronal migration. I put that in the book. I am not the only person to subscribe to this theory. One important fact about neuronal migration that most overlook, is that it continues after birth, up to age eight, if I recall correctly. That means interruption in migration could happen all the way up until neuronal migration is complete. There is evidence that thyroid hormone deficiency, or viruses could interrupt the migration process. Other causes for interruption are anybody's guess. I hope somebody will study it further.

Appendix A: Unfunded studies. List provided by Bob Sherman

Hypothesis: Endogenous retroviruses on Chromosome 1 produce proteins that interfere with cellular repair mechanisms and interfere with pluripotent stem cell differentiation, leading to some cases of autism spectrum disorder.

Hypothesis: Mutations in alpha v integrins and their beta subunits arise as an evolutionary adaptation from direct exposure to viral infection. The mutations confer resistance to viral entry into cells and are heritable and conserved. The mutations are also responsible for next generation neuronal migration and embryonic development disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and connective tissue disorders.

Background: Alpha v integrins with their subunits are receptors for numerous viruses, such as coxsackie virus, herpes viruses, hanta virus, cytomegalovirus, and adenoviruses, to name a few. Alpha v integrins and their subunits are involved in structure and formation of extracellular matrix and thereby embryonic development and neuronal migration.

Hypothesis: Viruses interfere with mitochondrial functioning. They interfere with the function of Forkhead Box C2 causing secondary defects in neuronal migration, such as autism, periventricular heterotopia, and embryonic developmental defects of connective tissues, such as Ehlers Danlos, congenital heart disorders, vitreoretinal abnormalities, and a host of other developmental disorders.

Background: FOXC2 (Forkhead Box C2) gene located at Chromosome 16q24.1 codes for a transcription factor responsible for hereditary lymphedema, plays an important role in neuronal migration (the migration of neuron cells to their final locations), the embryonic development of mesenchymal/connective tissues, and, mitochondriogenesis and aerobic metabolic activity. Viruses hijack mitochondria and shut them down, causing illness in people. Neuronal migration continues after birth. Viral disruption of mitochondria via vaccination and/or viral infection disrupts neuronal migration secondary to FOXC2 inactivity.

Hypothesis: Exogenous miRNAs (micro RNAs) present in vaccines have caused neural migration and neurogenesis disorders leading to ASD and neurodegenerative diseases. MicroRNAs can down regulate cell functions. The downregulation of cell function can also interfere with important functions required for survival, for fighting cancer, and interfere with cellular damage repair mechanisms.

Hypothesis: Contamination of drinking waters with PFOAs, PFOSs, and PFCs used in fire retardants and non-stick surfaces, causes autism and birth defects.

Background: These chemicals have been shown to interfere with the action of thyroid hormones in sperm and circulating in serum, causing direct mutations in sperm, and decreases in sperm motility and count. Thyroid hormone is essential for neuronal migration and neurogenesis. Inhibition causes birth defects and autism.

Procedures: Identify subjects with diagnosed autism spectrum disorder of any age from medical records database. Recruit subjects and fathers of subjects. Sequence paternal germ-line cells/sperm for de novo mutations, and compare to sequences of somatic paternal cells. Test blood concentrations of PFOAs, PFCs, and PFOSs of donors. Compare mutations in germline cells and somatic cells for high concentration and low concentration subjects. Sequence autistic offspring of donors.

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