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Cover Design by todd klebenow

Who will sing to them when they’re caught? 

Aline has encountered extraterrestrials since childhood because she has a rare genetic condition: she carries their genes. When transgenic mice escape the Seattle laboratory where Aline works, she must euthanize them to prevent them from polluting wild mice. As she sings to comfort the mice she euthanizes, she wonders if roles will ever be reversed. Then she takes a job as a medical research ethicist and discovers a sinister plot. Over many years, the government has amassed data identifying genetically altered people—Aline’s people. Under false pretenses, they fabricate a campaign to commit genocide. Before Aline can control destiny, betrayals threaten her survival, forcing her to question even her own motives. With the aid of interdimensional beings and others like her, Aline comes to understand her true purpose is much more complex than a singular physical existence. The solution lies not in survival but in escaping the bonds of reality.

ISBN 978-1-7368484-1-8 (print)

ISBN 978-1-7368484-0-1 (ebook)

ISBN 978-1-7368484-6-3 (EPUB)

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